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We are building Knight Rider KITT cars here in Estonia. Our goal is to offer the most accurate and fully functional KITT cars for our customers and all Knight Rider fans around the world.

Our  main bullet points:



The long shipping time from US of some parts may slow down the building process.

We have found good vendors from Europe Italy so it speeds up the car completion.

Some “hard to find parts” may take longer search and therefore it slows down the car building.

Our partners from Italy started to remanufacture these parts and it really helps us to stay on a timeframe.



Knight Rider KITT:

  • New interior (Tan color) See example
  • New body seals/weatherstripping
  • New paint job See example
  • New KITT extrior parts (front and rear bumper, scanner, ground effects, “15” turbo wheels)
  • New KITT dashboard package, switchpods, gullwing steering wheel, upper and lower console) See example


  • Voice activated door and engine start See example
  • Turbine sound module connected to the engine wiring system
  • Talks with authentic W.Daniels voice (ask, he will answer) See example
  • Activates all systems (seen on TV show)
  • 2X night vision cameras
  • Smoke screen See example


KITT – Systems Activated (mobile app) – Available on Google Play & App Stores

KARR – The Roving Robot (mobile app) – Available on Google Play & App Stores

KITT – Mein freund (mobile app in German) – Available on Google Play & App Stores





Each completed car produces about 35% of the total profit for us. Also we sell main Knight Rider KITT conversion parts on our own website, which will generate us 15% extra profit.

The KITT mobile applications I have created that are currently on sale, also help bring us potential new customers who would be interested in ordering a KITT car.

Our Knight Rider KITT youtube channel is growing and every week we upload videos from different stages of KITT car building so our potential customer can see how we build and what extras and different  functionalities our cars will have.


Our built KITT car has been approved and driven by David Hasselhoff himself, so it gives us confidence and also helps us to get new potential customers.

So far our main customer base are from Austria, Germany, Finland, United States, and United Kingdom and its growing.

Our market growth drivers:

  • Well competitive market prices
  • Shorter delivery times due to partners close to us
  • Very good feedback from our customers



Our built KITT replica was driven by David Hasselhoff in his TV show (Finland 2015).   

Our built KITT replica was used in Estonian comedy show “Tujurikkuja”

Finnish rap artist used our built KITT replica in his music video “Räppäri Ässä”

2012 our built KITT replica won the “Best Sport Car” cup in Haapsalu, Estonia.

We have already sold our built KITT cars to:

  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Dubai
  • United States
  • United Kingdom



Our first priority is safety, so we are using only new mechanical parts and components while building a Knight Rider KITT conversion.

Secondly, we want to keep our built cars as accurate as possible to the TV show. We have watched the “Knight Rider” series sometimes second by second to get the right details and vision on how it should be built and  to keep the car fully functional at the same time.

Our goal is to make a difference, to offer the best KITT replica solutions and other related products, so our customers could enjoy the greatest Knight Rider experience!



We have already sold our built KITT cars to Finland, Germany, Austria, United States and Dubai. So as we see, the interest in our products is expressed all over the world. (See video

To ensure fast manufacture of KITT cars, it is important to have all “hard to find” parts (correct 82-84´ Trans am hood with scoop, correct 82-84´ center console, PMD seats, 82-84´ taillights, “15” turbo cast wheels in stock.

By 30 October 2022, we want to complete all the current builds so we could take new orders with new prices which are more close to the current market.

At the same time we continue improving our Knight Rider mobile apps, offering soon CARPLAY / ANDROID AUTO and also APPLE WATCH / ANDROID WATCH versions which will also improve the marketing side of our KITT car build.




Investors that invest at least € 10’000 receive our built Knight Rider Talking Voicebox (See video) plus VIP invitation for free test drive with our built KITT replica (See video) and visit our built Knight Rider “SEMI FLAG” unit set up (See video).

Investors that invest at least € 5’000 receive our built Knight Rider Lamp – Golden Edition (See video) VIP invitation for free test drive with our built KITT replica (See video).

Investors that invest at least € 1’000 receive limited edition Knight Rider hoodie

Investors that invest at least € 500 receive limited edition Knight Rider t-shirt



Some our competitors may offer lower prices and therefore our customer base may decrease.

Solution: We continue to show our price-performance ratio so our client can see the results we offer and therefore will decide to become our customer.


Some spare parts may no longer be available to order.


We have found a way to remanufacture the necessary parts so it won´t stop our building process and we can still stay on schedule.