We have built Knight Rider cars in Estonia since 2009. Our goal is to offer the most accurate and fully functional KITT cars for our customers and all Knight Rider fans around the world.


Knight Rider is one of the most iconic TV series that took place during the 80s, where we follow Michael Long that recovers from a fatal wound, and he assumes a new identity waging war against criminals.

The star of the Knight Rider show is definitely the KITT car, which is an extremely impressive, unique vehicle with futuristic features. 

We have started to build Knight Rider cars here in Estonia since 2009. 

Our mission is to offer the most accurate and fully functional KITT cars for our customers and all Knight Rider fans around the world.

Our main goals:

1. To fulfill more orders per year

2. To re-produce main “hard to find parts” here in Estonia

3. To offer our produced parts to other dealers in the US and also in the EU.

4. To improve our developed KITT mobile apps and increase the sales  

Our main bullet points:


There are hundreds of Knight Rider fans who would like to own a real KITT replica in their home.

We have built already nearly 10 KITT replicas that are the most accurate and fully functional. Currently there are 5 more cars that are in the building process.

Some people cannot afford to buy a real Knight Rider KITT car.

We have developed 6 KITT mobile apps in English and also in German so every fan can still enjoy the Knight Rider experience. 

During the process of building a KITT, specific parts, whose production is discontinued by GM (General Motors), are needed.

We have started to re-produce these specific parts needed for KITT replicas here in Estonia. From now on we are able to produce front bumpers, rear bumpers and headliners here in Estonia, just 400 meters from our workshop. From August 15, 2022 we are starting to produce new PMD seat foams, seat frames and seat upholstery that will help us to speed up the car completion and therefore enable us to fulfill more orders per year. Also we are planning to offer all our produced parts to other automotive part dealer sites in the US and also in the EU.



Knight Rider KITT:

  • New interior (Tan color) See example
  • New body seals/weatherstripping
  • New paint job See example
  • New KITT exterior parts (front and rear bumper, scanner, ground effects, “15” turbo wheels)
  • New KITT dashboard package, switchpods, gullwing steering wheel, upper and lower console) See example


  • Voice activated door and engine start See example
  • Turbine sound module connected to the engine wiring system
  • Talks with authentic W.Daniels voice (ask, he will answer) See example
  • Activates all systems (seen on TV show)
  • 2X night vision cameras
  • Smoke screen See example


  • Knight Rider KITT front and rear bumper
  • Knight Rider KITT headliner and sail panels
  • PMD seat frames, PMD seat foams, PMD seat upholstery

Knight Rider KITT and KARR mobile apps

KITT – Systems Activated (mobile app) – Available on Google Play & App Stores

KARR – The Roving Robot (mobile app) – Available on Google Play & App Stores

KITT – Mein freund (mobile app in German) – Available on Google Play & App Stores



We buy our donor cars, (Pontiac Fireberd/Trans am 5.0 or 5.7 TPI, automatic T-top) from Finland.

As we have started to re-produce mainly all interior and exterior parts here in Estonia, we no longer need to order them from the third countries.


We use our partners to do the body and paint job. All new parts installation and completing is happening in our workshop.


We order parts like: dash, consoles, switchpods, gullwing steering wheel and electronics from Italy. All the rest of the interior parts we do produce here in Estonia. All interior parts and electronics installation is happening in our workshop.


Our clients are mainly individuals but also some companies. In most cases our customer wants us to build a complete KITT conversion with all extras available. Some of our customers have their own vehicle (donor car) that is shipped to us for a custom build. We have also sold complete dashboard packages and other parts to customers who want to build their replica by themselves.

Currently, each completed car produces us about 35% of the total net profit. From 2023 these margins will start to grow.

Also we started to produce and sell main Knight Rider KITT conversion parts on our own website, which will generate us 15% extra  net profit.

The KITT mobile applications we have created that are currently on sale, also help bring us potential new customers who would be interested in ordering a KITT car.

Our Knight Rider KITT youtube channel is growing and every week we upload videos from different stages of KITT car building so our potential customer can see how we build and what extras and different functionalities our cars will have.


Our main competitors are: KITT STILL ROCKS (United States)KNIGHTRIDERWORLD (ITALY).


1. To develop and re-produce “hard to find” parts (PMD seats, 82-84 Pontiac Firebird center consoles, “15” Turbo cast wheels) to get more sales and wholesale partners from the US and also from the EU.

2. To improve our marketing to get more sales and orders (KITT conversion).

3. To offer the best quality and accuracy


So far our main customer base is from Austria, Germany, Finland, the United States, and the United Kingdom and it’s growing.

Our market growth drivers:

  • Well competitive market prices
  • Shorter delivery times (Main parts are in stock as we re-produce the parts here in Estonia)
  • As we like to dig in deeper details, our built cars are the most accurate and fully functional

Our priority market area is:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Austria

Our goal would be to reach at least 70% of these market areas.


Our built KITT replica was driven by David Hasselhoff in his TV show (Finland 2015).   

Our built KITT replica was used in an Estonian comedy show “Tujurikkuja”

A Finnish rap artist used our built KITT replica in his music video “Räppäri Ässä”

In 2012 our built KITT replica won the “Best Sport Car” cup in Haapsalu, Estonia.

We have already sold our built KITT cars to:

  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Dubai
  • United States
  • United Kingdom


Our first priority is safety, so we are using only new mechanical parts and components while building a Knight Rider KITT conversion.

Secondly, we want to keep our built cars as accurate as possible to the TV show. We have watched the “Knight Rider” series sometimes second by second to get the right details and vision on how it should be built and to keep the car fully functional at the same time.

Our goal is to make a difference, to offer the best KITT replica solutions and other related products, so our customers could enjoy the greatest Knight Rider experience!


With a minimum investment of 30,000€ we would be able to at least start to produce and start selling:

1. PMD seat complete solutions for the KITT cars, for factory Pontiac Firebirds and also as office chairs (custom designed PMD style chairs).

2. “Hard to find” new re-produced Pontiac Firebird center consoles

3. Pontiac Firebird Headliners, front and rear bumpers

With a maximum investment of 150,000€, in addition to the goals outlined above, we would be able to finish all current projects in a faster timeframe so we could start new projects with new market prices.

Additionally, we would be able to improve our marketing and promotion strategies to get more customers and future sales. 

We would also continue improving our existing Knight Rider mobile apps and developing new ones (offering soon CARPLAY / ANDROID AUTO as well as APPLE WATCH / ANDROID WATCH versions), which will in their turn help promoting our KITT car build.


According to our current plans, we will start paying out dividends starting from 2025. Owners will get their dividends proportionally to their share. 

In addition:

Investors that invest at least € 4,900 receive our built Knight Rider Talking Voicebox (See video) plus a VIP invitation to visit our built Knight Rider “SEMI FLAG” unit set up (See video).

Investors that invest at least € 2,800 receive our built Knight Rider Lamp – Golden Edition (See video) plus a VIP invitation to visit our built Knight Rider “SEMI FLAG” unit set up (See video).


Risk: In connection with the general economic crisis, there might be a danger that people will reduce the proportions of such expenses.

Solution: History has shown that even if there is some economic crisis going on, there are still people who will buy our products or services.

Risk: Some our competitors may offer lower prices and therefore our customer base may decrease.

Solution: We continue to show our price-performance ratio so our client can see the results we offer and therefore will decide to become our customer.

Risk: Some spare parts may no longer be available to order.

Solution: We have found a way to remanufacture the necessary parts so it won´t stop our building process and we can still stay on schedule.

6,95 % to 29,89 % of company offered
140 € minimum investment

Company’s registration code: 11342293
Company’s address: Sireli 17 Kiili vald, Tallinn 75401, Estonia
Company’s phone no.: +37256577863
Company’s e-mail:
Homepage | Facebook

Investment amount

26 740 – 152 600 €

Equity offered

6,95 % to 29,89 %

Equity offered per investor

140 € to 97 160 €

Current share capital

2557 €

Company current valuation

357 980 €

Share capital after campaign

2 748 – 3 647 €

Company valuation after campaign

384 720 – 510 580 €

1 € nominal share price

140 €

* As of the start of the campaign, the nominal value of the share capital is EUR 2556.47. The nominal value of the share capital will be increased to EUR 2557 during the campaign. Also, the Articles of Association are in the process of amendments to align them with the requirements of the crowdfunding campaign.


Alvar Seeberg

Alvar Seeberg

CEO & Founder

Education – Web design & development. He has more than 10 years of experience in web development and marketing. Also he has built Knight Rider KITT conversions from 2009. Recently he developed and launched KITT and KARR mobile applications for the Knight Rider fans who do not have the possibility to buy a whole KITT car. Together we can make a difference!


Hans Seeberg

Hans Seeberg

Installation Manager

Hans has done interior installations and different electronics set ups for 9 years. Also he has good experience in developing and designing different molds for our KITT parts.


Maarit Heinsalu

Maarit Heinsalu

Marketing Manager

Maarit is taking care of our marketing side and promotional campaigns. She has been doing marketing and communication work for almost 7 years in various fields. She loves marketing challenges that help make our lives better.