KI2000 Software

KI 2000 Application

This application is made for KITT, but you can also use it in your regular car and enjoy the best Knight Rider Experience!

KI2000 is compatible to use with external TV screens (KITT TV monitors).

How to use:
Connect your android phone to the screen by using USB-c – HDMI, VGA adapter. This adapter should also have 3.5mm audio output.
Open the KI2000 app and you are ready to go.

All commands are custom made for KI2000 so if you are using KITT voicebox you can see that the red paragraph is only reacting when KITT is talking. If you for example call Devon then you see that the red paragraph is not active which makes the KI2000 app very unique and you can have a real conversation with KITT like in the show.

Your android phone will be connected to your car screens via HDMI – USB-C adapter

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1. Are you okey?
2. Are you serious?
3. Are you sure?
4. Are you there?
5. Can you cook?
6. Can you lend me some money?
7. Can you drive?
8. Can you fly?
9. Can you hear me?
10. Can you talk in spanish?
11. Check his background
12. Did you find something?
13. Do you have a nickname?


14. Good morning
15. Good night
16. Good to hear that
17. Have a nice day
18. Hello
19. Hey
20. Hi
21. How are you?
22. How do you feel?
23. How much time we have?
24. I see
25. Its not a good idea
26. Lets go get some pizza


27. Lets go play some Blackjack
28. No
29. Okey
30. Play country song
31. Play Michael Jackson
32. Play some disco
33. Play some music
34 .Play some rock
35. Play some romantic song
36. Please hurry up
37. See you later
38. Stay here
39. Talk in Chinese


40. Tell me a joke
41. Thank you
42. Trace the lake
43. Very good
44. We were late again
45. What do you need money for?
46. Who are you?
47. Where are you?
48. Why?
49. Yes
50. You are so funny
51. You look angry today
52. You look great


Extra commands:

53. Activate turbo boost
54. Activate all systems
55. Analyze tire tracks
56. Call April



57. Call Devon
58. Call Bonnie
59. Check the brakes
60. Check the police reports



61. Find out about Julio
62. Get access to Medical Assistance
63. Give me the exact location
64. Scan the area



65. Scan tires
66. Scan the tunnel
67. Take a handprint
68. What is your serial number

Hardware and relays are available at: (Voice activation kit)