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We are focusing on building KITT replicas. Our built replicas are the most accurate and fully functional, offering you the best Knight Rider experience.. Read more..

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This is our built “Semi Flag” set  now available as Backdrop or Wallpaper version. For Backdrop, we are using wrinkle resistant cloth, its soft, washable safe and low ironing. Read more..

* Delivery time is around 7-10 days.

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PMD seats got new upholstery. Before we installed the new upholstery we took the seat frames for white zinc procedure where they got cleaned from rust and also were galvanized with white zinc.

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“15” Turbo cast wheels cleaned and powder coated. These hubcaps are original..

* These Cooper cobra tires are just temporary and will be replaced after..

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Replaced the stock air filter, exhaust manifolds and valve covers with Edelbrock Performance.

Still have some parts left to renew..

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Building the aluminium frame for fog lights.

The lights on the corner have yellow bulbs for the turn signals.

The front part will be ready soon and now we are waiting for all the interior parts to arrive. 

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