Let us build your dream car, a KITT from Knight Rider.  Our built KITT conversions are the most accurate and fully functional. Read more..

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KITT – Systems Activated (mobile app)

As soon as you start the Knight Rider KITT app, nostalgia kicks in right away. If you were a fan of the original series or reboot, you will find yourself impressed and excited to connect with the car at such a personal level. READ MORE…

KITT – Systems Activated (English mobile app)

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KARR – The Roving Robot (English mobile app)

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KITT – Mein Freund (German mobile app)

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New PMD seat foams – Available Now!

New re-production PMD seat foams! Exact PMD replica.

Molded from the original PMD seat.

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New PMD seat frames – Now in Stock!

New re-production PMD seat frames available! Exact PMD seat replica.  

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Another KITT replica shipped!

New 2 season dashboard package, 2 season front nose. New windshield, new body gaskets, weatherstripping..

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Edelbrock Performance

Replaced the stock air filter, exhaust manifolds and valve covers with Edelbrock Performance.

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Building aluminum frame for the fog lights.

The lights on the corner have yellow bulbs for the turn signals.

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