Turnkey KITT Replica


Order  Knight Rider Kitt Replica from season 1/2 or 3/4!

Turnkey vehicles start at $34,400 + Shipping (worldwide).

Building process includes: 

Pontiac Trans Am 82′- 92′ (Donor car)


  1. Body work + (New paint)
  2. New disc brakes and suspension parts
  3. New exhaust system
  4. ”15″ Turbo cast wheels with hubcaps
  5. New gaskets all over body
  6. New front nose with fog lights
  7. Scanner (halogen 55w)

Engine components:

  1. New valve covers (Edelbrock)
  2. New exhaust manifolds
  3. New Washer fluid and coolant reservoir tanks


  1. New floor carpet
  2. PMD seats restored, stuffed and covered with new upholstery set.
  3. New door panels
  4. New headliner covered
  5. Upper & lower consoles with electronics
  6. New dashboard with electronics
  7. Gullwing steering wheel + switchpods
  8. PC + relays connected and installed
  9. Extra battery installed into trunk area
  10. 2 DVD players connected with TV monitors


  1. Opens the drivers door by voice (see video)
  2.  Starts the engine by voice
  3.  Turbine sound module connected (you will hear the turbine sound whining up/down when accelerating.)
  4. Talks with original William Daniels voice, you can have a conversation with KITT (see video)
  5. More custom features and extras can be added

Sireli 17 Kiili vald Harjumaa
75401 Estonia

Tel. +37256577863

KITT Replica Ordering Form

To start your project, we need an instalment to buy a donor car and to prepare all fiberglass parts and electronics.

The rest of the amount can pay in different stages.

The total building process will take around 3-5 months.

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