Frequently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about KITT replica building

How much time it takes to build a KITT replica?

  • building time for KITT replica is around 4-5 months. 

How much is the total in US dollars?

  • total COST for 2 season KITT replica iS AROUND $43,560

Is the donor car included?

  • Yes, donor car (Pontiac Trans am or Formula 5.0 -5.7l TPI 88-89´)is included in the total price. (YOU CAN ALSO SEND YOUR CAR TO LOWER THE TOTAL COST).

Where do you ship and how much is the shipping cost?

  • WE DO SHIP WORLDWIDE. For example: shipping to US is around $2200.-

What are the main features that can be installed?

  • Door opening by voice
  • Engine start by voice
  • Talks and answers your questions with original William Daniel’s voice
  • Turbine sound module connected to the engine wiring.

Do you also accept monthly instalments?

  • As the first instalment we ask is around €18,800 – €21,000 so the rest can be devided as monthly instalments yes.

I want the season 4 front nose and season 2 dash. Can you do that?